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Established in 2000, C&J Deer Processing and Taxidermy is family owned and operated, serving Louisville Metro and surrounding counties. We are proud to offer a one stop shop for all your deer processing and taxidermy needs.

We guarantee you’ll get your own deer back, and to never batch your deer. We pride ourselves in providing great customer service and satisfaction, and we’re confident you won’t find a cleaner or more professional deer processer.

C&J Tip of The Day

How To Get That Gamey Taste Out Of Your Deer Meat

Instead of soaking your wild game in milk, salt water, or 7up to get the “gamey” taste out, let’s address what is causing this gamey flavor in the first place.  Preventing an unwanted gamey taste starts with taking care of your animal!

Once the animal is harvested, quickly field dress your deer and get it chilled down quickly.  After your animal has been processed and frozen, and you are beginning to thaw out the meat for cooking, trim any and ALL fat off of your meat. Don’t worry about the sinew so much, as it will not affect the taste.

Put your meat in plain water and change the water every 3-6 hours, squeezing the blood out for a few days until the meat turns gray. 

Beef and Pork are killed in a controlled environment, where wild animals are not.  Proper care of the deer after it is killed, along with trimming the fat off and soaking the blood out will ensure your meat is top quality and tastes the best.