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Deer Processing Services

Regular Cut - $125

Additional Info

We are no longer accepting quartered deer during gun season. Deer must be whole with a hide on them or completely deboned or we cannot accept it.

NO RIBS, NO EXCEPTION! All rib meat goes into burger or sausage.

All packaging is done with 9 month vacuum packing and 1-1.5 lb burger bags.

We can also custom cut and wrap to suit your personal needs. Only cut with bone in will be steaks.

Debone cut is available for just $10.00 more.

We also offer a large list of Smoked Venison Products that are made by our great friends down at Webb’s Butcher Block. You can click here for a full list of products and pricing.


Taxidermy Services

Euro Mounts White - $150.00​

Euro Mounts Dipped - $250.00

($100.00 deposit required for Dipped)​

Horns on a Plaque - $125.00​

Cape Out Fee - $25.00

Additional Info

All Euro Mounts come with a wall hanger. We have a selection for you to choose from.

Shoulder Mounts are no longer done in house, but your $25.00 Cape Out Fee will get your trophy harvest caped and delivered to one of our local Taxidermist of your choice.

Sturgen’s Taxidermy – E. Blue Lick Rd. Louisville 40229 – 502-957-2956
Greenwell’s Taxidermy – Spencer County Ky. – 502-507-8423
Durbin’s Taxidermy – 7401 A Fegenbush Lane Louisville 40291 – 502-231-4610
CT Taxidermy – 4622 Spring Dale Ct Louisville 40229 – 502-640-5097 


Our Policies

While we don't like to have a lot of rules, we do have a few policies in place:

1. ALL animals MUST be properly Field Dressed. If you are not sure how to properly field dress your harvest, an informative video produced by Kentucky Afield can be viewed below.

2. ALL animals MUST have a Confirmation Number. NO EXCEPTIONS! See the link below for information on Kentucky Big Game Recording and Tagging Requirements.

3. C & J deer reserves the right to refuse any animal that does not look or smell to be a fresh harvest. For example if the deer laid all night with the guts in side or Road Kill you will probably be turned away. $25.00 CHARGE FOR DISPOSAL OF ROTTEN ANIMALS!

4. All deer from out of state must be quartered or deboned with no parts of spine or brain attached. THERE HAS BEEN NO CASES OF CHRONIC WASTING DISEASE FOUND IN KENTUCKY.

5. $25.00 charge on any cape left more than 3 days that is not being delivered to one of our local taxidermists.

6. Once you have been notified that your deer is ready for pick up you have 14 DAYS to pickup your meat. After 14 DAYS there will be a 5% storage fee added to your bill. After 30 DAYS your meat will be sold for what is owed. This rule will be enforced due to limited amount of freezer space.

How to Field Dress Your Deer