Frequently Asked Questions

A: We have a 24 hour refrigerated Drop Box. Instructions are inside.

A: Yes all deer need to be field dressed if your not sure how, check out our Deer Field Dressing Instruction video.

A: Yes we guarantee that the deer you bring us is the deer you get back!! We do not batch any of our meat such as burger.

A: Yes we can accept up to 100 donated deer. We ask that you try to donate as many before and after gun season as possible due to limited cooler and freezer space and the high volume of incoming deer.

A: Once you have harvested your deer you must first fill out the back of your harvest log before moving the deer.

If cell service is not available you may load your deer and move to where you can get service.

Then call Telecheck (800-245-4263) or Online Telecheck through MyProfile application. You will then receive a 13 digit Confirmation Number which you will need to write on your Harvest Log.

A: KRS.150.025 If you hunt big game from outside of Kentucky, you may not bring any member of the deer (Cervidae) family which includes deer, caribou, moose, and elk, back into Kentucky unless the brain and spinal column have been removed.

Allowed parts include: quartered portions with no part of the spinal column or head attached, boned-out-meat, antlers, antlers attached to a clean skull plate, clean teeth, hides and finished taxidermy products.


A: This answer can vary greatly. It all depends on the damage done by your weapon, how many times it was shot, where it was shot, bone fragments, wounds, ect.

On average you will receive between 30-35% of the field dressed weight. So if a deer weighs 100 pounds you will get back 30-35 pounds of finished meat.

A: You’ll receive a text from (502) 398-9071. Do not unsubscribe. This is our only means of communication.

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